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My story

Phoebe Capewell is a full-time Video Producer & Editor based in London, UK, and has completed a degree in Film & Animation.


Phoebe has spent the last eight years working with a range of agencies, charities, events, TV and theatre companies.

Phoebe is passionate about showing stories through video, whilst ensuring they are fully accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences, by integrating captions and translations.


Phoebe also spends her time working as a Behind the Scenes Photographer. If you would like to work together, please drop an email at


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"Phoebe is a gifted artist who is patient and easy to work with. She has a distinct personal style and a sense of creativity. I knew I could trust her to get the perfect style I was looking for."
"I have someone who's helping out for time reasons and she's really good at it, and it just lightens the load a little bit."
"Phoebe is a great filmmaker and photographer. She is consistently generous with her knowledge and skills and is an authority on making videos accessible. I always learn a lot from working with Phoebe."
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